Shade & Travel Supports Equal Rights for Women

The past few weeks have been hard for many of us, particularly women. We all know that the actions of the Supreme Court are already having a heavily negative influence on our society. With that in mind, we would like to announce that Shade & Travel will dedicate time and resources to help families find affordable flights and hotels if they need to travel to states that are protecting women’s choice to bodily autonomy. Please message our CEO and Founder, Shania Roper for more information.


Looking forward to a vacation really gets you through your day. There’s nothing quite like that little buzz you feel when it’s your last week of work before vacation and it would take a whole lot to ruin your mood - like hearing about the flight cancellation crisis the U.S. is currently experiencing due to staffing, pilot shortages and skyrocketing prices of fuel. Hundreds of flights have been canceled just this week. But fear not, my traveling wonders. We have options.

When you hear people talking about traveling by train, it sounds pretty old school, but the train industry has really stepped up their game to stay relevant. In Europe, you have the Venice Simplon-Orient Express which travels from London all the way down to Venice. It is considered a luxury train and is an experience entirely in itself. You get to travel through Europe without worrying about planes or hotels! Of course, this one is on the pricier side because they take luxury to a whole new level, but there are always more affordable options.

Sadly, the U.S. has not yet moved forward with a bullet train system, although there are rumors that such a thing is in the works with the Green New Deal. So, we must rely on good ol’ trusty Amtrak. Amtrak has 1 high-speed train, the Acela Train, that travels from Boston to Washington (with a few stops along the way), which takes approximately 6 ½ hours for a low price of only $74! Now, I’m sure some people are wondering why this is comparable to flying, but let’s break it down. Say you are booking an overseas vacation that has a layover… now say one or both of these flights get canceled… or one is delayed and you miss the next... You lose a whole day (or multiple days) trying to reroute your flights. If you take a train straight to an airport that will get you directly to your destination, you at least cut out the threat of missing or having a canceled layover.

If you are traveling domestically, I would highly recommend checking the local trains and routes in your area. They tend to be more affordable and are very reliable, and even though they are a little slower, you are guaranteed to not have to deal with the stress of the flight crisis. Amtrak’s train routes span the entire country and they provide thruway connecting services to certain areas. Each state has their own local train and bus services to get you to where you need to be, so don’t be discouraged to get out there and explore this summer.

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