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Travel Guidance

Why use our travel consultants?

  • Working with our travel consultants can save you time and money. It also provides convenience, reassurance and accessibility. 


What kind of trips should I hire a travel advisor for? 

  • Travel consultants can manage / plan any trip. At Shade & Travel we cater to leisure and business travel. 


What is a custom curated itinerary?

  • A custom curated itinerary is hand crafted to fit your unique needs and expectations. Factoring in your wants and needs, Shade & Travel consultants work hard to present multiple options to you that align within your timeframe and budget. 

Group Travel

What are pre-arranged group trips?

  • Pre-arranged group trips are getaways/vacations that have a set core itinerary ahead of the date for like-minded travelers interested in meeting other people. At Shade & Travel, we handle all the planning, include transportation, lodging and excursions!


Is group travel right for me? Our trips are perfect for you if: 

  • You like to socialize and network amongst your age demographic (21-35)ish

  • You’re interested in affordable luxury travel

  • Want to travel without the stress and hassle of planning


How big are the groups?

  • Shade & Travel group trips are between 12-16 guests total

  • They include a designated trip manager and in-house photographer. 


What is included in the group trips?

  • Our group trips include roundtrip flight, 4 star accommodation at a hotel or villa and a core itinerary (excursions and activities). *If the trip is all-inclusive, all meals and beverages will also be included.


What is the payment policy? Are there payment plans?

  • All of our trips can be paid for either in full or through a Shade & Travel pricing plan!


What is a Shade & Travel pricing plan?

  • A Shade & Travel pricing plan is a monthly payment plan spilt between 6-8 months. This pricing plan is subject to interest rates that are applied automatically at the time of booking. Please note, Shade & Travel pricing plans are non-refundable if a traveler cancels at any time.

Is there a refund policy in place?

  • Traveler-initiated cancellation (not valid for all-inclusive trips)

 90 or more days before departure: Traveler receives 50% cash refund when paying in FULL

Between 30 – 89 days before departure: Traveler receives 15% cash refund OR “Shade Credit” (when paying in FULL) which can be transferred to a different Shade & Travel trip on a later date.


Less than 30 days before departure: Non-Refundable 


  • Shade & Travel cancellation


If we, at Shade & Travel, cancel the trip for any reason, all travelers will receive a full refund OR opt for “Shade Credit” which can be transferred to a different Shade & Travel trip on a later date.

Do I need travel insurance?

  • Yes. Shade & Travel requires all travelers to have travel insurance that covers medical, loss of baggage, flight delays & more. Travelers are required to send us proof of travel insurance 4 weeks prior to the trip’s departure date.

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