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An Alluring Autumn in New York

Without question, Autumn falls as a beloved season for its shifting weather and a change of pace. We plant our hopes and harvest our expectations before the coming Winter makes its appearance. Fall is a moment to collect what we enjoy, a place to dedicate peace, and a time to cultivate.

Here are a just a few of my Autumn habits that bring me comfort and warmth as daylight becomes strangely shorter.


I search for intimacy in all shapes and forms and have found that music is a great means of connecting with yourself and others – especially through classical pieces. Groupmuse is a fantastic event platform that invites listeners of all stories to attend intimate concerts within non-traditional spaces that include living rooms, backyards, lofts, public parks, and more comforting venues. With spontaneity as key, you have the freedom to choose the event of your liking and the location will be revealed 24 hours prior to the engagement. Each performance is accompanied by brilliant and ingenious musicians wishing to share their many passions. On every occasion I’ve attended, the settings have always been beautifully curated.

Pumpkin Maki at Wasan

In the humble neighborhood that is Boerum Hill, brownstones and townhouses are lined with tall trees and endless aisles of local eateries. During the Fall season, I stop by Wasan to pick up a few orders of pumpkin maki - rolls of rice, nori seaweed, and winter squash. It’s a seasonal twist on a classic favorite. The notes of tempura fried pumpkin are similar to a sweet potato. It has become a reoccurring pattern of mine to enjoy a roll (or two) in bed while watching a comedy or perhaps a horror film.

Central Park

The Autumn foliage in Central Park is known to be inspiring and refreshing and I couldn’t agree more. As most New York dwellers, I too have fallen in love with Central Park’s charisma and landscape during Fall. It’s a wonderful time to listen to live jazz, bird watch, and read the paper. Covering roughly 843 acres, from the Strawberry Fields to the Bethesda Fountain and beyond Belvedere Castle, Central Park grants its visitors boundless routes and entry points – each different from one another.

Amelie Wine Bar

I was an enthusiast of Amelie Wine Bar while living in San Francisco during my early twenties. When I discovered that another existed in the crannies of the West Village, I was filled with nostalgia and elation. This wine lounge is detailed with sensual lighting and French influences. By virtue of their generous pours and the attractive dining menu, I’m sure you’ll find me at Amelie throughout Autumn scarfing down several plates of escargot and excessive bottles of cabernet. Maybe even a plate of ravioli if I’m in an impish mood. No shame, only a happy stomach.

Upper West Side’s Sunday Farmer’s Market

My Sundays are dedicated to peace, and my peace is granted by the joys of Farmer’s Markets. Trailing 78th and 81st street is home to the year-round Street Greenmarket that blooms with baked pastries, fresh florals, luscious fruits, foraged vegetables, ciders, wild-caught seafood, and a bounty of seasonal goods. I attend every Sunday with a bouquet of Sword Lilies in one hand and a paper bag filled with croissants in the other.

Apple Dave’s Orchards

Of course, Autumn cannot be satisfied without a visit to Apple Dave’s Orchards in the town of Warwick. There is a sentimental familiarity that comes from gathering fruit from tall trees and collecting apples to bake into pie once you return home. With age, apple orchards also open the doors to distilleries and local beer gardens – the best kinds of juices are the ones that leave you a bit inebriated. Wouldn’t you agree?

I’ve grown to appreciate the brief yet sweet season that is Fall, and I hope you find the same pleasures as I do with these little traditions of mine.

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