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What The Omicron Variant Means For Travel

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Are you feeling anxious about your upcoming travel plans due to the Omicron variant that's currently sweeping the nation? Do you want to postpone a trip after checking the COVID-19 infection rate at your desired destination? Did you think you came down with a cold but the test results determined that was in fact…a lie?

Don’t worry, all answers are acceptable here. Keep reading for a couple travel tips to help you stay educated, prepared and safe for any future travel plans.

Travel by Air

If you plan to travel by air (domestic or international), it is crucial to make sure you are using filters for your flights – When searching online, check the “no change fee” box! Ensuring your flight has flexibility will provide you with reassurance while saving you hundreds in case of any last minute COVID-19 disruptions.

Travelers can also take comfort in knowing notable airlines like Delta, United & JetBlue (just to name a few) are actually double sanitizing and strictly enforcing the mask policy for the entire flight duration.

Health & Safety

Whether you are staying at a five star resort, backpacking through hostels or lounging at an Airbnb, switch on the “health and safety” filter before booking your stay. The onset of the pandemic forced the hospitality and travel industries to revamp their procedures.

Today, all housing accommodation following appropriate protocols, should publicly display the sanitization and safety measures they are taking on their property.

For context, the property should go into specific detail outlining what they are doing in the following areas to ensure your health and safety developed with the guidance and information provided by both local health authorities and government requirements.

Areas to check for updated protocols:

  • Cleaning and sanitization

  • Guest rooms

  • Social distancing

  • Amenities and services

  • Payment options

Need an example of updated safety protocols?

Let’s talk payment options – Establishments are saying goodbye to paper bills! That’s right, innovative hotels like Resort World in Las Vegas and Legoland in New York are cashless due to the pandemic.

Moving along to guest rooms, many hotels have decided to discontinue turndown service with the exception of an extended stay or providing clean towels daily upon request. *If this is a dealbreaker for you, definitely check with the facility in advance.

Travel Restrictions

Last but definitely not least, check if the destination you are traveling to has any current restrictions that may be going into effect at your time of arrival. Although this may seem like a no brainer, things are changing by the day and you can never be too safe! Popular tourist destinations may be enforcing COVID-19 mandates including a daily curfew, alcohol ban and vaccination requirements.

Know before you go.

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